Accident, Critical Illness & Supplemental Insurance

Insurance helps to minimize and defray expenses arising from illness or injury. Accident, Critical Illness and Supplemental Insurance are designed to do just that.

Minimize Your Medical Expenses in 3 Ways

With insurance costs on the rise, high-deductible health plans (HDHPs) are increasing in popularity. These are less expensive forms of health insurance, and can be purchased either as a supplement to your principal health insurance plan or separately. They provide important coverage, but with certain important limitations. Typically, they do not cover first-dollar expenses (i.e. doctor visits), and until you meet your deductible, you are responsible for 100% of your medical bills.

However, even with these limitations, HDHPs offer several attractive benefits. There are three alternative insurance products that can be purchased separately from your main plan:

Accident Insurance

This unique insurance provides you with a cash payment in the event you are injured in an accident. This type of insurance ensures you have money coming in to cover expenses while recuperating and unable to work. Under Accident Insurance, you are free to spend the cash received from the payout as you please, whether medical bills, your mortgage, car payment, etc.

Critical Illness and Cancer Insurance

Individuals diagnosed with many critical illnesses, such as cancer for example, face mounting medical bills and expenses. Critical Care and/or Cancer Insurance will provide you with money to help offset expenses related to your care.

These plans can be very beneficial in what can be a very stressful time. Knowing there are funds available to help pay large medical bills can provide peace of mind to those battling a serious debilitating disease.

Ancillary Indemnity Insurance

Ancillary Indemnity Insurance can be very beneficial to the self-insured. Plans can cover many medical expenses for a broad range of services, including emergency room visits, medications, vision, dental, etc.

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