Our Core Beliefs

Mission and Values

At Simple Health, we are ALL about service. We are here to serve you by providing you with exceptional service. Finding you the insurance plan that best fits your needs and budget is more than our primary focus, it is our commitment to you.

More Than Just a Client…

We know that you have many choices when it comes to insurance. We value each and every client and work hard to earn your business and trust. You are more than merely a client.

We work closely with each client so that we understand their unique situation. Doing so helps us to clearly identify your specific needs and then find an insurance plan with benefits and features that matches your needs and budget.

We Put Ourselves in the Customer’s Shoes

“The best way to understand a customer is to imagine yourself being in their shoes.”

Everyone needs insurance, including us. We’ve had to identify our healthcare needs and evaluate insurance plans and carriers just like you. And like you, we’ve had to make some important decisions concerning our health. So, we’ve been in your shoes.

That’s exactly why we’ve designed our business systems to eliminate confusion, fear and frustration from the process of purchasing insurance. We want to make buying insurance quick and easy. We want you to make an informed decision. Our team is here to help you with that decision — and we want you to be completely comfortable with that decision.