Our Team

Our agents are highly trained insurance professionals dedicated to providing you with superior customer service. We have agents licensed in all 50 states who can help you find the best plans available in your state.

Extensive Training Process

Our agents are licensed insurance professionals. What sets our agents apart from others in the industry is our belief that just having a license isn’t enough. Insurance is a complicated industry and we believe that our agents have to be well-informed and thoroughly trained in order to properly advise our clients and provide them with the absolute best customer service. Our agents undergo extensive training, ensuring they are extremely current on healthcare insurance in today’s ever changing health care arena.

The Best in the Insurance Industry

Our agents are the best in the industry. Their training, experience and expertise put them ahead of the pack. They’re well informed and current on industry trends and the latest developments. Our agents are rock stars.

To help them serve you better, we’ve given them valuable tools and resources. We’ve embraced the power of technological innovation and developed our powerful quote engine to get you the very best insurance plans and pricing.

This combination of great people and technological innovation has established Simple Health as an industry leader. Simple Health works hard to maintain this position.

At Simple Health, our goal is to exceed your expectations every day.